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1990 Volume 26 Issue 5

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Where should the person stop and the information search interface start?
Marcia J. Bates

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Interactive retrieval of complex documents
W. Bruce Croft | Robert Krovetz | Howard R. Turtle

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A feasibility study of the case hierarchy model for the construction and porting of natural language interfaces
Stephanie W. Haas

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An approach to the automatic construction of global thesauri
Carolyn J. Crouch

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Signature file methods for implementing a ranking strategy
Wai Yee Peter Wong | Dik Lun Lee

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An empirical examination of the existing models for Bradford's law
Liwen Qiu

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Computer bibliometrics for journal classification
Radosvet Todorov | Wolfgang Glänzel

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Computer processing of Chinese characters: An overview of two decades' research and development
Zimin Wu | J. D. White