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1990 Volume 41 Issue 2

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Accelerating text searching through signature trees
Usha Kotamarti | Alan L. Tharp

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INDEX: The statistical basis for an automatic conceptual phrase-indexing system
Leslie P. Jones | Edward W. Gassie Jr. | Sridhar Radhakrishnan

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Application of simulated annealing to clustering tuples in databases
David A. Bell | F. J. McErlean | P. M. Stewart | Sally I. McClean

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Information transmission in viable systems
J. D. R. de Raadt

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Syntactic patterns in scientific sublanguages: A study of four disciplines
Susan Bonzi

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Search term combinations and retrieval overlap: A proposed methodology and case study
Stephen P. Harter

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The complete cataloging reference set - Collected manuals of the Minnesota AACR@ trainers
Audrey N. Grosch

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Education of library and information professionals: Present and future prospects
Charles D. Patterson

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India's national library: Systematization and modernization
F. W. Lancaster

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Effective information centers: Guidelines for MIS and IC managers
Linda Main

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Concepts of information retrieval and automatic text processing: The transformation analysis, and retrieval of information by computer
Bert R. Boyce

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The library microcomputer environment: Management issues
Beth M. Paskoff

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Information science: An integrated view
Williard Van De Bogart

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Online reference and information retrieval
Carol Tenopir

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Public access to government information: Issues, trends and strategies
Pat Hawthorne

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Possibility theory: An approach to computerized processing of uncertainty
Arie Tzvieli

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Data base: Structured techniques for design, performance, and management
John R. Rumble Jr.