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1990 Volume 41 Issue 3

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Measuring referencing practices
J. S. Kidd

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Using the Gamma-Poisson model to predict library circulations
Quentin L. Burrell

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Query formulation for handling negation in information retrieval systems
Ziad S. Nakkouzi | Caroline M. Eastman

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Clustering in comprehensive bibliographies and related literatures
Terrence A. Brooks

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Uncitedness in the biomedical literature
Richard E. Stern

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Relations between continuous versions of bibliometric laws
Ronald Rousseau

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A note on different Bradford multipliers
Leo Egghe

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The conceptual foundations of descriptive cataloging
Bert Royce

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Expert systems for information management
Harold Borko

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Jesse Shera, librarianship, and information science
Margaret Anderson

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Online searching for end users: An information sourcebook
Debora Shaw

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Introduction and overview
Lois F. Lunin | Susan Crawford

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Mechanisms for evaluating scientific information and the role of peer review
Philip Abelson

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Peer review and the changing research record
Susan Crawford | Loretta Stucki

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Response to the panel on evaluation of scientific information and the impact of new information technology
Eugene Garfield