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1990 Volume 41 Issue 6

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Indexing by Latent Semantic Analysis
Scott C. Deerwester | Susan T. Dumais | Thomas K. Landauer | George W. Furnas | Richard A. Harshman

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Automatic syntactic analysis of free text
Christoph Schwarz

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The law of information inconservation
Qi Quan Yang

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Informal scientific communication in Nigerian universities
Fabian A. Ehikhamenor

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Re: Peter Hirtle's note on Atherton Seidell
Allen B. Veaner

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Review of The Bibliometrics Toolbox
Terrence A. Brooks

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In praise of power
Lea M. Bohnert

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Regarding Allen Veaner's letter
Peter B. Hirtle

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Regarding Michael Buckland's article
Bella Hass Weinberg

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Introduction and overview
Lois F. Lunin | Howard D. White

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Mapping authors in intellectual space: A technical overview
Katherine W. McCain

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Mapping intellectual structure of a scientific subfield through author cocitations
Alan E. Bayer | John C. Smart | Gerald W. McLaughlin

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Intellectual structure of research in organizational behavior, 1972-1984: A cocitation analysis
Mary J. Culnan | Charles A. O'Reilly III | Jennifer A. Chatman

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An oasis where many trails cross: The improbable cocitation networks of a multidiscipline
William Paisley