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1990 Volume 41 Issue 8

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All the right words: Finding what you want as a function of richness of indexing vocabulary
Louis M. Gomez | Carol C. Lochbaum | Thomas K. Landauer

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Ten years of the literature of online searching: An analysis of Online and Online Review
MaryEllen C. Sievert

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A belief function approach to information utilization in decision making
Robert M. Kleyle | André de Korvin

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Retrieving Records from a Gigabyte of Text on a Mini-Computer Using Statistical Ranking
Donna Harman | Gerald T. Candela

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The simple scalability of documents
Mark E. Rorvig

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Matching of citations between non-standardized databases
E. J. Yannakoudakis | F. H. Ayres | J. A. W. Huggill

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A history of information science 1945-1985
Harold Wooster

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Hypertext hands-on!: An introduction to a new way of organizing and accessing information
Ray R. Larson

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Full-text against intellectual indexing controversy
Fredric C. Gey | Daniel P. Dabney