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SIGIR'90, 13th International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Brussels, Belgium, 5-7 September 1990, Proceedings

Jean-Luc Vidick (Editor)

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SIGIR'90, 13th International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Brussels, Belgium, 5-7 September 1990, Proceedings

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Inference Networks for Document Retrieval
Howard R. Turtle | W. Bruce Croft

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A Retrieval Model Based on an Extended Modal Logic and its Application to the RIME Experimental Approach
Yves Chiaramella | Jian-Yun Nie

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Probabilistic Document Indexing from Relevance Feedback Data
Norbert Fuhr | Chris Buckley

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EXPRESS: An Experimental Interface for Factual Information Retrieval
Heinz Ulrich Hoppe | Karin Ammersbach | Barbara Lutes-Schaab | Gaby Zinßmeister

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Hypertext, Full Text, and Automatic Linking
James H. Coombs

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Machine Learning and Vectorial Matching for an Image Retrieval Model: EXPRIM and the System RIVAGE
Gilles Halin | Marion Créhange | Pierre Kerekes

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Online Query Refinement on Information Retrieval Systems: A Process Model of Searcher/System Interactions
Hsinchun Chen | Vasant Dhar

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A Direct Manipulation Interface for Boolean Information Retrieval via Natural Language Query
Peter G. Anick | Jeffrey D. Brennan | Rex A. Flynn | David R. Hanssen | Bryan Alvey | Jeffrey M. Robbins

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Determining the Functionality and Features of an Intelligent Interface to an Information Retrieval System
Nicholas J. Belkin | Pier Giorgio Marchetti

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Using Syntactic Analysis in a Document Retrieval System that uses Signature Files
Ron Sacks-Davis | Peter Wallis

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A Dynamic Signature Technique for Multimedia Databases
Fausto Rabitti | Pavel Zezula

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Surrogate Subsets: A Free Space Management Strategy for the Index of a Text Retrieval System
Forbes J. Burkowski

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Construction of a Dynamic Thesaurus and its Use for Associated Information Retrieval
Haruo Kimoto | Toshiaki Iwadera

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Knowledge-Based Retrieval of Office Documents
Augusto Celentano | Maria Grazia Fugini | Silvano Pozzi

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Evaluation of an Expert System for Searching in Full Text
Susan Gauch

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Order Preserving Minimal Perfect Hash Functions and Information Retrieval
Edward A. Fox | Qi Fan Chen | Amjad M. Daoud | Lenwood S. Heath

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On the Interrelationship of Dictionary Size and Completeness
Hubert Hüther

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Construction of Optimal Graphs for Bit-Vector Compression
Abraham Bookstein | Shmuel T. Klein

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Panel: Hypertext: "Growing Up?"
Mark E. Frisse | Maristella Agosti | Marie-France Bruandet | Udo Hahn | Stephen F. Weiss

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Experiments with Query Acquisition and Use in Document Retrieval Systems
W. Bruce Croft | Raj Das

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The Automatic Generation of Extended Queries
Carolyn J. Crouch | Donald B. Crouch | Krishna R. Nareddy

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Term Clustering of Syntactic Phrases
David D. Lewis | W. Bruce Croft

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Optimizations for Dynamic Inverted Index Maintenance
Douglas R. Cutting | Jan O. Pedersen

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Partitioned Posting Files: A Parallel Inverted File Structure for Information Retrieval
Craig Stanfill

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Parallel Text Searching in Serial Files Using a Processor Farm
Janey K. Cringean | Roger England | Gordon A. Manson | Peter Willett

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An Architecture for Probabilistic Concept-Based Information Retrieval
Robert M. Fung | Stuart L. Crawford | Lee A. Appelbaum | Richard M. Tong

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A New Method for Information Retrieval, Based on the Theory of Relative Concentration
Leo Egghe

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Extended Boolean Retrieval: A Heuristic Approach?
Ronald Rousseau

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