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1991 Volume 27 Issue 1

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An analytic measure predicting information retrieval system performance
Robert M. Losee

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Query term weights as constraints in fuzzy information retrieval
Gloria Bordogna | Paola Carrara | Gabriella Pasi

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Ranking large document collections by a state space search
Michael D. Gordon

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The operation and performance of an artificially intelligent keywording system
James R. Driscoll | David A. Rajala | William H. Shaffer | Donald W. Thomas

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The discourse-level structure of empirical abstracts: an exploratory study
Elizabeth Du | Ross Liddy

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Automatic recognition of title page names
Mavis Molto | Elaine Svenonius

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The structure of a knowledge base for cataloging rules
Ling Hwey Jeng

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A Contingent analysis of the relationshiop between IS implementation strategies and IS success
Sang-Hoon Kim | Jinjoo Lee

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Implications of new technology for the reviewing process
Ben-Ami Lipetz