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1991 Volume 27 Issue 2-3

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Modeling the performance of an automated keywording system
Linda C. Malone | James R. Driscoll | Julie Wildman Pepe

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Determining the effectiveness of retrieval algorithms
Hans-Peter Frei | Peter Schäuble

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Specifications for thesaurus software
Jessica L. Milstead

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Theory of collaboration and collaborative measures
Leo Egghe

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Productivity of management information systems researchers: Does Lotka's law apply?
Ravinder Nath | Wade M. Jackson

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The effect of subliminal help presentations on learning a text editor
F. Layne Wallace | J. Michael Flanery | Gerald Knezek

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Conceptual processing of tests in palaeography
G. Cautiero | Maria I. Sessa | Mario Vacca

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Culture and information society: The Japanese way
Miroslav Tudjman