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1991 Volume 27 Issue 4

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Introduction: Parallel processing and information retrieval
Edie M. Rasmussen

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Network design for the implementation of text searching using a multicomputer
Janey K. Cringean | Roger England | Gordon A. Manson | Peter Willett

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Information retrieval on the connection machine: 1 to 8192 gigabytes
Craig Stanfill | Robert Thau

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High speed text retrieval from large databases on a massively parallel processor
S. F. Reddaway

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Pthomas: An adaptive information retrieval system on the connection machine
Robert N. Oddy | Bhaskaran Balakrishnan

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A neural algorithm for document clustering
Kevin J. Macleod | W. Robertson

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System architecture for information processing
Esen A. Ozkarahan

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Special-purpose hardware for text searching: Past experience, future potential
Lee A. Hollaar

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The medical archival system: An information retrieval system based on distributed parallel processing
Russell J. Yount | John K. Vries | Carolyn D. Councill