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1991 Volume 27 Issue 5

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Cognitive process as a basis for intelligent retrieval systems design
Hsinchun Chen | Vasant Dhar

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A thesaural model of information retrieval
Chris D. Paice

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Prototyping a distributed information retrieval system that uses statistical ranking
Donna Harman | Wayne McCoy | Robert Toense | Gerald T. Candela

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Using information from external databases: Contextual relationships of use, access method, task, database type, organizational differences, and outcomes
Paul J. Hart | Ronald E. Rice

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A conceptual framework for the network approach to expert systems development in auditing
Varghese S. Jacob | Andrew D. Bailey Jr.

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Problem vectorizability and the market for vector supercomputers
J. Christopher Westland

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Context based spelling correction
Eric Mays | Fred J. Damerau | Robert L. Mercer

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Evaluation of online catalogues: Eliciting information from the user
Micheline Hancock-Beaulieu | Stephen E. Robertson | Colin Neilson

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The utility of bibliographic databases as indicators of international research: Factors influencing the development of an international database
Gretchen Whitney

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A matrix model of circulation control
Peter J. Schlumpf

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Book production: Patterns and predictors
Marilyn M. Levine | Virgil Diodato

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Providing complete and integrated information science education
Guisseppi A. Forgionne