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1991 Volume 27 Issue 6

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Algorithms for graphic display of sentence dependency structures
Timothy C. Craven

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An analysis of ill-formed input in natural language queries to document retrieval systems
Charlene W. Young | Caroline M. Eastman | Robert L. Oakman

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The effect of indexing exhaustivity on retrieval performance
Robert Burgin

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Relevance judgments and the incremental presentation of document representations
Joseph W. Janes

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Sense-making in a database environment
Thomas L. Jacobson

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Small, medium, large hypertext
Roy Rada

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Decision technology systems: A vehicle to consolidate decision making support
Guisseppi A. Forgionne

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Babinat and the development of microcomputer-based national documentation networks in the less developed countries
Michel J. Menou | Jean-François Giovannetti | Bernadette Dupeuble

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Expert systems for library and information services - A review
A. Morris