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1991 Volume 42 Issue 10

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Happy Days Are Here Again
Donald H. Kraft

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Stephen E. Furth, 1909-1991
Eugene B. Jackson | Donald H. Kraft

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A utility theoretic examination of the probability ranking principle in information retrieval
Michael D. Gordon | Peter Lenk

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Rational normalization of concentration measures
P. Bonckaert | Leo Egghe

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Evaluation of an adaptive linear model
S. K. Michael Wong | Yiyu Yao | Gerard Salton | Chris Buckley

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Increasing field complexity revealed through article title analyses
Arden White | Nelda Rae Hernandez

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User skill acquisition in office information systems
Michael D. Cooper

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Historical note: Out of the cloudy crystal ball
Eugene B. Jackson

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The binary nature of continuous relevance judgments: A study of users' perceptions
Joseph W. Janes

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Indexing: the state of our knowledge and the state of our ignorance: Proceedings of the 20th annual meeting of the American society of indexers
Bert R. Boyce

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Rejoinder to Information as thing
Michael K. Buckland

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Information as thing
A. Neil Yerkey

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Indexer consistency
Candy Schwartz