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1991 Volume 42 Issue 5

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User-based document clustering by redescribing subject descriptions with a genetic algorithm
Michael D. Gordon

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Graphic display of larger sentence dependency structures
Timothy C. Craven

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Quality judgments of journals as indicators of research performance in the humanities and the social and behavioral sciences
Anton J. Nederhof | Rolf A. Zwaan

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Back of book indexes and the characteristics of author and nonauthor indexing: Report of an exploratory study
Virgil Diodato | Gretchen Gandt

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Information as thing
Michael K. Buckland

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Inside the search process: Information seeking from the user's perspective
Carol Collier Kuhlthau

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Epistemological grounds for cybernetic models
Yves J. Khawam

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The limitations of term co-occurrence data for query expansion in document retrieval systems
Helen J. Peat | Peter Willett

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A further exploration of title size and author number
Arden White

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ISI research fronts and online subject access
Florence E. DeHart | Larry Scott