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1991 Volume 42 Issue 6

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Nonmaterialized relations and the support of information retrieval applications by relational database systems
Clifford A. Lynch

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Frequency and functional use of cited documents in information science
Patricia A. Hooten

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A combined loglinear/MDS model for mapping journals by citation analysis
James E. Everett | Antony Pecotich

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Extended subject access to hypertext online documentation, Parts I and II: The search-support and maintenance problems
T. R. Girill | Thomas D. Griffin | Robert B. Jones

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Extended subject access to hypertext online documentation, Part III: The document-boundaries problem
T. R. Girill

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Life in a small world: Applicability of gratification theory to information-seeking behavior
Elfreda A. Chatman

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Effectiveness and efficiency in natural language processing for large amounts of text
Gerda Ruge | Christoph Schwarz | Amy J. Warner

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Application of information theory to query negotiation: Toward an optimal questioning strategy
George V. Meghabghab | Dania Bilal

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Information quality: Definitions and dimensions; proceedings of a NORDINFO seminar, Royal School of Librarianship, Copenhagen, 1989
Michael K. Buckland

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Availability of indexes
Eugene Garfield