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1991 Volume 42 Issue 8

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An alert to the information and library science community: Arise, mes enfants! Aux armes, citoyens! (To the barricades, comrades)
Donald H. Kraft

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A bivariate model to predict library circulation
Aiala Barr | H. S. Sichel

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A database model for medical consultation
Morteza Anvari

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The role of artificial intelligence in information retrieval
Karen Sparck Jones

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The library community at a technological and philosophical crossroads: Necessary and sufficient conditions for survival
Laurence B. Heilprin

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Introduction and overview
Lois F. Lunin | Clifford A. Lynch

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The technologies of electronic imaging
Clifford A. Lynch

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Information retrieval of more than text
Michael K. Buckland

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Imaging: Fine arts
Howard Besser

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A user's applications of imaging techniques: The University of Maryland Historic Textile Database
Clarita S. Anderson

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Computer human interaction for image information systems
David V. Beard

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Virtual reality: Advanced imaging special effects let you roam in cyberspace
William R. Nugent

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Whither cyberspace?
John Romkey