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Proceedings of the 14th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 13-16, 1991 (Special Issue of the SIGIR Forum)

Abraham Bookstein, Yves Chiaramella, Gerard Salton, Vijay V. Raghavan (Editors)

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Proceedings of the 14th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 13-16, 1991 (Special Issue of the SIGIR Forum)

In Memoriam - B. C. Brookes
Nicholas J. Belkin

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The Significance of the Cranfield Tests on Index Languages
Cyril W. Cleverdon

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A Complete Model for Information Retrieval Systems
Jean Tague | Airi Salminen | Charles McClellan

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Automatic Text Structuring and Retrieval: Experiments in Automatic Encyclopedia Searching
Gerard Salton | Chris Buckley

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The Use of Phrases and Structured Queries in Information Retrieval
W. Bruce Croft | Howard R. Turtle | David D. Lewis

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Combining Model-Oriented and Description-Oriented Approaches for Probabilistic Indexing
Norbert Fuhr | Ulrich Pfeifer

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Inconsistencies and Misnomers in Probabilistic IR
William S. Cooper

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Compression of a Set of Correlated Bitmaps
Abraham Bookstein | Shmuel T. Klein

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Posting Compression in Dynamic Retrieval Environments
IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg

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Image Decompression: A Hybrid Image Decompressing Algorithm
Chengjie Luo | Clement T. Yu

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The CORE Electronic Chemistry Library
Michael Lesk

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Retrieval Algorithm Effectiveness in a Wide Area Network Information Filter
Hans-Peter Frei | M. F. Wyle

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Distributed Representations in a Text Based Information Retrieval System: A New Way of Using the Vector Space Model
Richard F. E. Sutcliffe

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To See, or Not to See: Is That the Query?
Robert R. Korfhage

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Integrating Query, Thesaurus, and Documents Through a Common Visual Representation
Richard H. Fowler | Wendy A. Lawrence-Fowler | Bradley A. Wilson

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A Case-Based Architecture for A Dialogue Manager for Information Seeking
Anne Tissen

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Addressing the Requirements of a Dynamic Corporate Textual Information Base
Peter G. Anick | Rex A. Flynn | David R. Hanssen

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Advanced Retrieval From Heterogeneous Fact Databases: Integration of Data Retrieval, Conversion, Aggregation and Deductive Techniques
Kalervo Järvelin | Timo Niemi

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Querying Office Systems About Document Roles
Augusto Celentano | Maria Grazia Fugini | Silvano Pozzi

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Query Modification and Expansion in a Network with Adaptive Architecture
K. L. Kwok

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Using the Cosine Measure in a Neural Network for Document
Ross Wilkinson | Philip Hingston

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Preference Structure, Inference and Set-Oriented Retrieval
Yiyu Yao | S. K. Michael Wong

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Distributed Indexing: A Scalable Mechanism for Distributed Information Retrieval
Peter B. Danzig | Jong Suk Ahn | John Noll | Katia Obraczka

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On the Allocation of Documents in Multiprocessor Information Retrieval Systems
Ophir Frieder | Hava T. Siegelmann

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An Object-Oriented Modelling of the History of Optimal Retrievals
Yong Zhang | Vijay V. Raghavan | Jitender S. Deogun

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Retrieving Software Objects in an Example-Based Programming Environment
Scott Henningen

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A Self-Organizing Semantic Map for Information Retrieval
Xia Lin | Dagobert Soergel | Gary Marchionini

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Incorporating a Semantic Analysis into a Document Retrieval Strategy
Edgar B. Wendlandt | James R. Driscoll

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Analysis of Unintended Connections Between Disjoint Science Literatures
Don R. Swanson

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An Efficient Directory System for Document Retrieval
Dalia Motzkin

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Image Query Processing Based on Multi-Level Signatures
Fausto Rabitti | Pasquale Savino

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A Two-Level Hypertext Retrieval Model for Legal Data
Maristella Agosti | Roberto Colotti | Girolamo Gradenigo

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Automatic Generation of Hypertext Links in Information Retrieval Systems: A Stochastic and an Incremental Algorithm
Alain Lelu

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Creating Segmented Databases from Free Text for Text Retrieval
Lisa F. Rau | Paul S. Jacobs

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Performance in FERRET: A Conceptual Information Retrieval System
Michael L. Mauldin

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The SMART Information Retrieval System after 30 years - Panel
Gerard Salton