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1992 Volume 28 Issue 3

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On Probabilistic Notions of Precision as a Function of Recall
Peter Bollmann | Vijay V. Raghavan | Gwang S. Jung

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Experiments on Linguistically-Based Term Associations
Gerda Ruge

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An Algebra for Hierarchically Organized Text-Dominate Databases
Forbes J. Burkowski

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The Application of Morpho-Syntactic Language Processing to Effective Phrase Matching
Paraic Sheridan | Alan F. Smeaton

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A Hypertext Environment for Interacting with Large Textual Databases
Maristella Agosti | Girolamo Gradenigo | Pier Giorgio Marchetti

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Bayesian Inference Networks and Spreading Activation in Hypertext Systems
Jacques Savoy

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Methodologies for Subject Analysis in Bibliographic Databases
Jessica L. Milstead

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How Close We Came
Michael Koenig