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1992 Volume 28 Issue 5

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Automatic Image Indexation to Support Content-Base Retrieval
Fausto Rabitti | Pasquale Savino

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OHQL: A Hypertext Approach for Manipulating Object-Oriented Databases
Eric Andonoff | Michel Canillac | Catherine Mendiboure

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Retrieving the Most Similar Symbolic Pictures from Pictorial Databases
Chin-Chen Chang | Tzong-Chen Wu

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Computer-Supported Discussion and Annotation
Mahmoud Mhashi | Roy Rada | Eevi Beck | Antonios Michailidis | Akmal Jahan Zeb

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Extracting Implicit Information from Free Text Technical Reports
Marc Cavazza | Pierre Zweigenbaum

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Variations in Relevance Judgments and the Evaluation of Retrieval Performance
Robert Burgin

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Monographic References and Information Science Journal Literature
Florence E. DeHart

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A Simple Model for Linked Informetric Processes
Quentin L. Burrell

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Economic Incentives for Database Normalization
J. Christopher Westland