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1992 Volume 43 Issue 1

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When Is the Probability Ranking Principle Suboptimal?
Michael D. Gordon | Peter Lenk

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The Communication-Information Relationship in System-Theoretic Perspective
Brent D. Ruben

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An Analysis of Personal Journal Subscriptions of University Faculty. Part I. Science
Ernst J. Schuegraf | Liam T. Keliher | Martin F. van Bommel

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Evaluation of Advanced Retrieval Techniques in an Experimental Online Catalog
Ray R. Larson

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An Information-Theoretic Measure of Term Specificity
S. K. Michael Wong | Yiyu Yao

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An Object-Based Requirements Modeling Method
David W. Cordes | Doris L. Carver

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The Size of Retrieval Sets
Mark T. Kinnucan

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Technology Transfer Policy: Its Role as a Scientific and Technical Information Policy and Its Impact on Technological Growth
Loren D. Mendelsohn

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Europe, ESPRIT II, and Information Retrieval
Alan F. Smeaton

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Speech Technology Developments in Europe
George Philip