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1992 Volume 43 Issue 4

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B. C. Bertie Brookes, 1910-1991
Jean Tague-Sutcliffe | Nicholas J. Belkin

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Information Interactions between Members of Science-Profession Dyads as Reflected by Journal Use: Ichthyology and Fisheries Biology
F. Douglas Martin

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Emmanuel Goldberg, Electronic Document Retrieval, and Vannevar Bush's Memex
Michael K. Buckland

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The Retrieval Problem in Photography (1932)
Emmanuel Goldberg

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Note on a Strongly Unimodal Bibliometric Size Frequency Distribution
H. S. Sichel

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A General Treatment of Data Redundancy in a Fuzzy Relational Data Model
Guoqing Chen | Jacques Vandenbulcke | Etienne E. Kerre

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A Gray Code Based Ordering for Documents on Shelves: Classification for Browsing and Retrieval
Robert M. Losee

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The State and Society: Intervention in the Creation of Scientific Information in Developing Countries
John Ng'ang'a Gathegi