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1992 Volume 43 Issue 5

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Origins of Bibliometrics, Citation Indexing, and Citation Analysis: The Neglected Legal Literature
Fred R. Shapiro

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Online-Expert: An Expert System for Online Database Selection
Sajjad Zahir | Chew Lik Chang

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Retrieval Testing by the Comparison of Statistically Independent Retrieval Methods
W. John Wilbur

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Unitized Data System: A New Formalism for Encoding and Presenting Data from the Scientific Research Literature
David P. Fan | Julie M. Curtsinger | Lisa Johnson | Santosh Kalkhar | Jeanette St. John

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The Effectiveness of Stemming for Natural-Language Access to Slovene Textual Data
Mirko Popovic | Peter Willett

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Concentration and Diversity of Availability and Use in Information Systems: A Positive Reinforcement Model
Ronald Rousseau