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Proceedings of the 15th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. Copenhagen, Denmark, June 21-24, 1992

Nicholas J. Belkin, Peter Ingwersen, Annelise Mark Pejtersen (Editors)

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Proceedings of the 15th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. Copenhagen, Denmark, June 21-24, 1992

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Relevance Feedback Revisited
Donna Harman

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Incremental Relevance Feedback
IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg

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Measuring the Informativeness of a Retrieval Process
Jean Tague-Sutcliffe

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An Evaluation of Phrasal and Clustered Representations on a Text Categorization Task
David D. Lewis

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Automatic Document Classification: Natural Language Processing, Statistical Analysis, and Expert System Techniques used together
M. J. Blosseville | Georges Hébrail | M. G. Monteil | N. Pénot

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Classifying News Stories using Memory Based Reasoning
Brij M. Masand | Gordon Linoff | David L. Waltz

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Term Position Ranking: Some New Test Results
E. Michael Keen

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Experiments in Automatic Statistical Thesaurus Construction
Carolyn J. Crouch | Bokyung Yang

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Use of Syntactic Context to Produce Term Association Lists for Text Retrieval
Gregory Grefenstette

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Versioning a Full-text Information Retrieval System
Peter G. Anick | Rex A. Flynn

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Retrieval Activities in a Database Consisting of Heterogeneous Collections of Structured Text
Forbes J. Burkowski

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A Textual Object Management System
Scott C. Deerwester | Keith Waclena | Michelle LaMar

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Towards a Probabilistic Modal Logic for Semantic-based Information Retrieval
Jian-Yun Nie

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An Analysis of Vector Space Models Based on Computational Geometry
Zhiwei Wang | S. K. Michael Wong | Yiyu Yao

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Latent Semantic Indexing is an Optimal Special Case of Multidimensional Scaling
Brian T. Bartell | Garrison W. Cottrell | Richard K. Belew

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A System for Retrieving Speech Documents
Ulrike Glavitsch | Peter Schäuble

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N-Poisson - Document Modelling
Eugene L. Margulis

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An Incrementally Extensible Document Retrieval System Based on Linguistic and Logical Principles
Michael Hess

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Probabilistic Retrieval Based on Staged Logistic Regression
William S. Cooper | Fredric C. Gey | Daniel P. Dabney

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Integration of Probabilistic Fact and Text Retrieval
Norbert Fuhr

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A Loosely-Coupled Integration of a Text Retrieval System and an Object-Oriented Database System
W. Bruce Croft | Lisa Ann Smith | Howard R. Turtle

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Automating the Assignment of Submitted Manuscripts to Reviewers
Susan T. Dumais | Jakob Nielsen

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Design of an OPAC Database to Permit Different Subject Searching Accesses in a Multi-Disciplines Universities Library Catalogue Database
Maristella Agosti | Maurizio Masotti

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Searching for Historical Word-Forms in a Database of 17th-Century English Text Using Spelling-Correction Methods
Alexander M. Robertson | Peter Willett

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A Faster Algorithm for Constructing Minimal Perfect Hash Functions
Edward A. Fox | Qi Fan Chen | Lenwood S. Heath

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Parameterised Compression for Sparse Bitmaps
Alistair Moffat | Justin Zobel

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Frame-Sliced Partitioned Parallel Signature Files
Fabio Grandi | Paolo Tiberio | Pavel Zezula

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Cognitive Differences in End User Searching of a CD-ROM Index
Bryce Allen

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Developing a Theory to Guide the Process of Designing Information Retrieval Systems
Diane H. Sonnenwald

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Scatter/Gather: A Cluster-based Approach to Browsing Large Document Collections
Douglas R. Cutting | Jan O. Pedersen | David R. Karger | John W. Tukey

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Bead: Explorations in Information Visualization
Matthew Chalmers | Paul Chitson

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The Dynamic HomeFinder: Evaluating Dynamic Queries in a Real-Estate Information Exploration System
Christopher Williamson | Ben Shneiderman

Experience with Large Document Collections (Panel)
W. Bruce Croft

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Corpus Linguistics and Information Retrieval
Robert Krovetz