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1992 Volume 10 Issue 4

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Lessons Learned from SUIT, the Simple User Interface Toolkit
Randy F. Pausch | Matthew Conway | Robert DeLine

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A High-Level and Flexible Framework for Implementing Multiuser User Interfaces
Prasun Dewan | Rajiv Choudhary

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EmbeddedButtons: Supporting Buttons in Documents
Eric A. Bier

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A General Framework for Bidirectional Translation between Abstract and Pictorial Data
Satoshi Matsuoka | Shin Takahashi | Tomihisa Kamada | Akinori Yonezawa

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A Model for Input and Output for Multilingual Text in a Windowing Environment
Yutaka Kataoka | Masato Morisaki | Hiroshi Kuribayashi | Hiroyoshi Ohara