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1993 Volume 29 Issue 1

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Measurement of Information
Robert M. Hayes

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The Sense-Making Theory: Reviewing the Interests of a User-Centred Approach to Information Seeking and Use
Reijo Savolainen

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Knowledge-Based Search Tactics
Steven J. Shute | Philip J. Smith

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An Operational System for Subject Switching Between Controlled Vocabularies
June P. Silvester | Paul H. Klingbiel

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Controlling the Access Requests in an Information Protection System
Chin-Chen Chang | Tzong-Chen Wu

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Visualization of a Document Collection: The VIBE System
Kai A. Olsen | Robert R. Korfhage | Kenneth M. Sochats | Michael B. Spring | James G. Williams

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Scientific Journal Selection Based on the Study of a Local Journal
Philip C. Aziagba

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Term and Citation Retrieval: A Field Study
Miranda Lee Pao

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Communicating MIS Research: A Citation Study of Journal Influence
Randolph B. Cooper | David Blair | Miranda Lee Pao

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The Evolution of Library and Information Science 1965-1985: A Content Analysis of Journal Articles
Kalervo Järvelin | Pertti Vakkari