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1993 Volume 29 Issue 2

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Outline of a Model for Lexical Databases
Nancy Ide | Jacques Le Maitre | Jean Véronis

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One Approach to Classification of Users and Automatic Clustering of Documents
Valery I. Frants | Nick I. Kamenoff

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Multi-character Tries for Text Searching
Lorraine K. D. Cooper | Alan L. Tharp

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A Conceptual Model for Storage and Retrieval of Short Scientific Texts
Zhengxin Chen

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Modelling Documents with Multiple Poisson Distributions
Eugene L. Margulis

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Information Science: The Study of Postmodern Knowledge Usage
Gernot Wersig

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Library Schools and Information Technology: A European Overview
Jan H. E. van der Starre

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Computer-Assisted Learning and Teaching in Library and Information Studies in Australia
Joyce Kirk

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A Study of Hypertext Teaching to Undergraduate Students in Library and Information Studies
C. K. Ramiah | Arthur J. Meadows

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Information-Based Education: An Investigation of the Nature and Role of Information Attributes in Education
Michael Eisenberg | Ruth V. Small