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1993 Volume 29 Issue 3

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Hypertext and Information Retrieval
Maristella Agosti

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Hypermedia and Free Text Retrieval
Mark D. Dunlop | C. J. van Rijsbergen

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Information Retrieval from Hypertext: An Approach Using Plausible Inference
Dario Lucarella | Antonella Zanzi

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Retrieval Strategies for Hypertext
W. Bruce Croft | Howard R. Turtle

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Braque: Design of an Interface to Support User Interaction in Information Retrieval
Nicholas J. Belkin | Pier Giorgio Marchetti | Colleen Cool

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A Hypertext-Based Thesaurus as a Subject Browsing Aid for Bibliographic Databases
Richard Pollard

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Retrieval Hierarchies in Hypertext
Roy Rada | Weigang Wang | Alex Birchall

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Concept-Based Retrieval of Hypermedia Information: From Term Indexing to Semantic Hyperindexing
Hans C. Arents | Walter F. L. Bogaerts

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Querying a Hypertext Information Retrieval System by the Use of Classification
M. Aboud | Claude Chrisment | R. Razouk | Florence Sèdes | Chantal Soulé-Dupuy