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1993 Volume 29 Issue 4

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The First Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-1), Rockville, MD, USA, 4-6 November 1992
Donna Harman

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Developing a Large Lexical Database for Information Retrieval, Parsing, and Text Generation Systems
Sumali Pin-Ngern Conlon | Martha W. Evens | Thomas Ahlswede | Robert Strutz

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Generating and Evaluating Domain-Oriented Multi-Word Terms from Texts
Fred Damerau

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On the Non-Random Nature of the Nearest-Neighbour Document Clusters
Rachel J. Shaw | Peter Willett

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Exploiting Captions in Retrieval of Multimedia Data
Neil C. Rowe | Eugene J. Guglielmo

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"Citation Profiles" to Improve Relevance in a Two-Stage Retrieval System: A Proposal
R. Shalini

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Factors Affecting Relationships Between the Contextual Variables and the Information Characteristics of Accounting Information Systems
Jong-Min Choe | Jinjoo Lee

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Selecting Signature Files for Specific Applications
Paolo Tiberio | Pavel Zezula

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Evolution of Information Production Processes and its Relation to the Lorenz Dominance Order
Leo Egghe | Ronald Rousseau

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A Remark on the Geometry of Egghe's Dual IPPsa
Quentin L. Burrell