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1993 Volume 29 Issue 5

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Measures of Searcher Performance: A Psychometric Evaluation
Barbara M. Wildemuth | Ruth de Bliek | Charles P. Friedman

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Quality Control in Software Documentation Based on Measurement of Text Comprehension and Text Comprehensibility
Franz Lehner

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Toward a Cognitive Theory of Information Accessing: An Empirical Study
Nigel Ford | Rosalind Ford

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Information Use Value: A Test on the Perception of Utility and Validity
Cecilia M. A. Oberhofer

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An Information Retrieval System for Reusable Software
Yuk Fung Chang | Caroline M. Eastman

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Improving Full Text Search Performance Through Textual Analysis
Mavis Molto

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A Sublanguage Approach to Natural Language Processing for an Expert System
Elizabeth D. Liddy | Corinne Lyon Jörgensen | Ernest E. Sibert | Edmund S. Yu

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Implementations of Partial Document Ranking Using Inverted Files
Wai Yee Peter Wong | Dik Lun Lee