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1993 Volume 29 Issue 6

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Information Delivery: Identifying Priorities, Performance, and Value
Marianne Broadbent | Hans Lofgren

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The Effects of Task Characteristics and Sub-Unit Structure on Dimensions of Information Processing
Rachid M. Zeffane | Ferdinand A. Gul

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Toward the Automatic Identification of Sublanguage Vocabulary
Stephanie W. Haas | Shaoyi He

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Expanding End-Users' Query Statements for Free Text Searching with a Search-Aid Thesaurus
Jaana Kristensen

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Tables and Graphs: A Classification Scheme for Display Presentation Variables and a Framework for Research in this Area
Joan H. Coll | Richard A. Coll

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Controlled and Uncontrolled Subject Descriptions in the CF Database: A Comparison of Optimal Cluster-Based Retrieval Results
William M. Shaw Jr.

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A New Machine Classification Method Applied to Human Peripheral Blood Leukocytes
Mark E. Rorvig | Steven J. Fitzpatrick | Charles T. Ladoulis | Sanjay Vitthal

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A Fast String-Searching Algorithm for Multiple Patterns
Noriyoshi Uratani | Masayuki Takeda