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1993 Volume 44 Issue 7

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Exact Probabilistic and Mathematical Proofs of the Relation Between the Mean μ and the Generalized 80/20-Rule
Leo Egghe

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Communication Efficiency in Research and Development
Patrick Wilson

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Comparing the Document Representations of Two IR-Systems: CLARIT and TOPIC
Hans Paijmans

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Attending to Cognitive Organization in the Design of Computer Menus: A Two-Experiment Study
Joan H. Coll | Richard A. Coll | Renuka Nandavar

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Incomplete Sentence Quotations in Books and Journals
Stephanie W. Haas

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Accounting for Influence: Acknowledgments in Contemporary Sociology
Blaise Cronin | Gail McKenzie | Lourdes Rubio | Sherrill Weaver-Wozniak

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Markov Models of Search State Patterns in a Hypertext Information Retrieval System
Liwen Qiu