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1993 Volume 44 Issue 8

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A Probabilistic Method for Computing Term-by-Term Relationships
S. K. Michael Wong | Yiyu Yao

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The RightPages Service: An Image-Based Electronic Library
Melia M. Hoffman | Lawrence O'Gorman | Guy A. Story | James Q. Arnold | Nina H. MacDonald

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Interfaces for Distributed Systems of Information Servers
Brewster Kahle | Harry Morris | Jonathan Goldman | Thomas Erickson | John Curran

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Toward an Electronic Copyright Management System
John R. Garrett | Patrice A. Lyons

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Publishing Over the Next Decade
Gregory J. E. Rawlins

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Users, User Interfaces, and Objects: Envision, a Digital Library
Edward A. Fox | Deborah Hix | Lucy T. Nowell | Dennis J. Brueni | William C. Wake | Lenwood S. Heath | Durgesh Rao