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1994 Volume 30 Issue 1

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The Notion of Data and Its Quality Dimensions
Christopher J. Fox | Anany Levitin | Thomas C. Redman

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A Measure of Standing for Citation Networks Within a Wider Environment
Patrick Doreian

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Citation Behavior and Place of Publication in the Authors from the Scientific Periphery: A Matter of Quality?
Anamarija Bekavac | Jelka Petrak | Zoran Buneta

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On Inference Rules of Logic-Based Information Retrieval Systems
Patrick Shicheng Chen

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Models of a Distributed Information Retrieval System Based on Thesauri with Weights
Zygmunt Mazur

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Ranking Documents in Thesaurus-Based Boolean Retrieval Systems
Joon Ho Lee | Myoung-Ho Kim | Yoon-Joon Lee

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On High Performance of Updates Within an Efficient Document Retrieval System
Dalia Motzkin

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Modeling Cataloging Expertise: A Feasibility Study
Ling Hwey Jeng | Karen B. Weiss

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Frequency Distributions of Hypertext Path Patterns: A Pragmatic Approach
Liwen Qiu

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Discrimination of Authorship Using Visualization
Bradley Kjell | W. Addison Woods | Ophir Frieder

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What to Take into Account When Building an Inter-Organizational Information System
Reima Suomi