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1994 Volume 30 Issue 3

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Relevance Odds of Retrieval Overlaps from Seven Search Fields
Miranda Lee Pao

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A Classification of Ellipsis Based on a Corpus of Information Seeking Dialogues
F. C. Johnson

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Indexing Terms in the LISA Database on CD-ROM
William W. Hood | Concepción S. Wilson

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On the Efficiency of Best-Match Cluster Searches
Fazli Can

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Modelling of User Preferences and Needs in Boolean Retrieval Systems
Czeslaw Danilowicz

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Inferring Depictions in Natural-Language Captions for Efficient Access to Picture Data
Neil C. Rowe

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A Qualitative Discriminant Process for Scoring and Ranking in Group Support Systems
Noel Bryson | Ojelanki K. Ngwenyama | Ayodele Mobolurin

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A New Methodology for Systematic Exploitation of Technology Databases
Chantal Bédécarrax | Charles Huot

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Enhancing Database Management to Knowledge Base Management: The Role of Information Retrieval Technology
Zhengxin Chen

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Difficulties in Matching Emerging Information Technologies with Business Needs: A Management Perspective
Ravinder Nath