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1994 Volume 30 Issue 4

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Shifting the Information Paradigm from Data-Centered to User-Centered
Carolyn R. Watters | Michael A. Shepherd

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A Hyperknowledge Framework of Decision Support Systems
Ai-Mei Chang | Clyde W. Holsapple | Andrew B. Whinston

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A Comparison of Information Retrieval from Print and CD-ROM Versions of an Encyclopedia by Elementary School Students
Andrew Large | Jamshid Beheshti | Alain Breuleux | Andre Renaud

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A Learning Scheme for Information Retrieval in Hypertext
Jacques Savoy

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The Simon-Yule Approach to Bibliometric Modeling
Ye-Sho Chen | P. Pete Chong | Morgan Y. Tong

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Explaining and Alleviating Information Management Indeterminism: A Knowledge-Based Framework
H. Chen | Ann K. Danowitz | Kevin J. Lynch | Seymour E. Goodman | William K. McHenry