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1994 Volume 30 Issue 5

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Cataloging Digital Geographic Data in the Information Infrastructure: A Literature and Technology Review
Steven Frank

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How Senior Managers Acquire and Use Information in Environmental Scanning
Ethel Auster | Chun Wei Choo

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Looking in Text Windows: Their Size and Composition
Stephanie W. Haas | Robert M. Losee

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Machine-Aided Indexing at NASA
June P. Silvester | Michael T. Genuardi | Paul H. Klingbiel

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The Basic Entity Model: A Fundamental Theoretical Model of Information and Information Processing
Thow-Yick Liang

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INN: An Intelligent Negotiating Neural Network for Information Systems: A Design Model
George V. Meghabghab | Dania B. Meghabghab

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Concepts for Modeling and Querying List-Structured Data
Latha S. Colby | Lawrence V. Saxton | Dirk Van Gucht

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Retrieval Expectations, Cluster-Based Effectiveness, and Performance Standards in the CF Database
William M. Shaw Jr.