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1994 Volume 30 Issue 6

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Introduction to the Special Issue on Data Compression
Abraham Bookstein | James A. Storer

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Memory Efficient Ranking
Alistair Moffat | Justin Zobel | Ron Sacks-Davis

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Online Adaptive Vector Quantization with Variable Size Codebook Enteries
Corneliu Constantinescu | James A. Storer

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Codes with Monotonic Codeword Lengths
Julia Abrahams

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Can Random Fluctuation be Exploited in Data Compression?
I. K. Ravichandra Rao | M. D. Patil

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Design and Analysis of Fast Text Compression Based on Quasi-Arithmetic Coding
Paul G. Howard | Jeffrey Scott Vitter

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An Empirical Evaluation of Coding Methods for Multi-symbol Alphabets
Alistair Moffat | Neil Sharman | Ian H. Witten | Timothy C. Bell

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Minimizing Excess Code Length and VLSI Complexity in the Multiplication Free Approximation of Arithmetic Coding
Gennady Feygin | P. Glenn Gulak | Paul Chow

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Tomographic Image Compression Using Multidimensional Transforms
John D. Villasenor

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Image-Data Compression Using Edge-Optimizing Algorithm for WFA Inference
Karel Culík II | Jarkko Kari

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Progressive Image Coding by Hierarchical Linear Approximation
Xiaolin Wu | Yonggang Fang

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Design and Performance of Tree-Structured Vector Quantizers
Jianhua Lin | James A. Storer

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Adaptive Encoding for Numerical Data Compression
Hidetoshi Yokoo

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A New Challenge for Compression Algorithms: Genetic Sequences
Stéphane Grumbach | Fariza Tahi

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Subband Image Coding Using Entropy-Constrained Residual Vector Quantizaton
Faouzi Kossentini | Wilson C. Chung | Mark J. T. Smith