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1994 Volume 45 Issue 10

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Introduction and Overview to the Special Issue on Electronic Publishing
Robin Peek

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Where is Publishing Going? A Perspective on Change
Robin Peek

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The Integrity of Digital Information: Mechanics and Definitional Issues
Clifford A. Lynch

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The Electronic Publishing Revolution is Not "Global"
Thomas L. Jacobson

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Boon or Bust? Access to Electronic Publishing by Individuals Using Adaptive Computer Technology
Jane Berliss

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An Electronic Publishing Model for Academic Publishers
Jon D. Gold

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Comserve: Moving the Communication Discipline Online
Timothy D. Stephen | Teresa M. Harrison

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IPCT Journal: A Case Study of an Electronic Journal on the Internet
Mauri P. Collins | Zane L. Berge

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Primary Science on CD-ROM: The New Zealand Experiment
Jaap A. Jasperse

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The National Information Infrastructure and Electronic Publishing: A Reflective Essay
Philip Doty | Ann Peterson Bishop