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1994 Volume 45 Issue 3

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Relevance Reconsidered - Towards an Agenda for the 21st Century: Introduction to Special Topic Issue on Relevance Research
Thomas J. Froehlich

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Toward a Theory of User-Based Relevance: A Call for a New Paradigm of Inquiry
Taemin Kim Park

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A Cognitive View of the Situational Dynamism of User-Centered Relevance Estimation
Harry W. Bruce

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User-Defined Relevance Criteria: An Exploratory Study
Carol L. Barry

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Other People's Judgments: A Comparison of Users' and Others' Judgments of Document Relevance, Topicality, and Utility
Joseph W. Janes

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Pertinence as Reflected in Personal Constructs
Dara Lee Howard

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The Role of Attorney Mental Models of Law in Case Relevance Determinations: An Exploratory Analysis
Stuart A. Sutton

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Relevance and Retrieval Evaluation: Perspectives from Medicine
William R. Hersh

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The Relevance of Recall and Precision in User Evaluation
Louise T. Su