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1994 Volume 45 Issue 6

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Information Resources and Democracy: Understanding the Paradox
Leah A. Lievrouw

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The Autopoietic State: Communication and Democratic Potential in the Net
Sandra Braman

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Information - Democracy: An Examination of Underlying Assumptions
Brenda Dervin

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Media Use and Political Efficacy: The Suburbanization of Race and Class
John E. Newhagen

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Access to Information Technologies among School-Age Children: Implications for a Democratic Society
Michael E. Martinez

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The PEN Project in Santa Monica: Interactive Communication, Equality, and Political Action
Everett M. Rogers | Lori Collins-Jarvis | Joseph Schmitz

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The International Telephone Network and Democratization
Su-Lien Sun | George A. Barnett

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Special Features of the Author-Publication Relationship and a New Explanation of Lotka's Law Based on Convolution Theory
Leo Egghe

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Federal Research Impact Assessment: State-of-the-Art
Ronald N. Kostoff