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1994 Volume 45 Issue 7

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An Analysis of Performance and Cost Factors in Searching Large Text Databases Using Parallel Search Systems
T. R. Couvreur | R. N. Benzel | S. F. Miller | D. N. Zeitler | Dik Lun Lee | Mukesh Singhal | Niranjan G. Shivaratri | Wai Yee Peter Wong

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Operationalizing the Notion of Information as a Subjective Construct
Charles Cole

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An Analysis of Personal Journal Subscriptions of University Faculty. Part II. Arts and Professional Programs
Ernst J. Schuegraf | Martin F. van Bommel

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The Social Shaping of Videotex: How Information Services for the Public Have Evolved
Donald Owen Case

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What is Used during Cognitive Processing in Information Retrieval and Library Searching? Eleven Sources of Search Information
Dee Andy Michel

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Multimedia and Comprehension: A Cognitive Study
Andrew Large | Jamshid Beheshti | Alain Breuleux | Andre Renaud

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User Preferences for Features in Back of Book Indexes
Virgil Diodato

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Tiered Citation and Measures of Document Similarity
Blaise Cronin