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1994 Volume 45 Issue 8

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Bernard M. Fry, 1915-1994
Charles H. Davis | Donald H. Kraft

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Comparing Words, Stems, and Roots as Index Terms in an Arabic Information Retrieval System
Ibrahim A. Al-Kharashi | Martha W. Evens

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Extending Retrieval Strategies to Networked Environments: Old Ways, New Ways, and a Critical Look at WAIS
Gary Marchionini | Diane Barlow

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User-Centered Indexing
Raya Fidel

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Needs for Research in Indexing
Jessica L. Milstead

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Some Issues in the Indexing of Images
Sara Shatford Layne

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Indexing and Retrieval Performance: The Logical Evidence
Dagobert Soergel

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Access to Nonbook Materials: The Limits of Subject Indexing for Visual and Aural Languages
Elaine Svenonius

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Indexing for the Humanities
Helen R. Tibbo

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Book and Periodical Indexing
Hans H. Wellisch

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Standards for Indexing: Revising the American National Standard Guidelines. Z39.4
James D. Anderson