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1994 Volume 45 Issue 9

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Spatial Information and Information Science: Introduction to JASIS' Special Topic Issue on Spatial Information
Myke Gluck

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GIPSY: Automated Geographic Indexing of Text Documents
Allison Woodruff | Christian Plaunt

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Spatial Mental Models from Descriptions
Barbara Tversky | Nancy Franklin | Holly A. Taylor | David J. Bryant

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Requirements for the Development of GIS-Based Group Decision-Support Systems
Marc P. Armstrong

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The Role of Spatial Information Systems in Environmental Emergency Management
Lawrence G. Mondschein

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An Example of the Estimation and Display of a Smoothly Varying Function of Time and Space - The Incidence of the Disease Mumps
William F. Eddy | Audris Mockus

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Object-Oriented Modeling of Geographic Data
Eliseo Clementini | Paolino Di Felice

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Proposal for a Spatial Organization Model in Soil Science (The Example of the European Communities Soil Map)
D. King | J. Daroussin | M. Jamange