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1995 Volume 31 Issue 5

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Automatic Summarizing
Karen Sparck Jones | Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer

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How to Implement a Naturalistic Model of Abstracting: Four Core Working Steps of an Expert Abstractor
Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer | E. Maier | Alexander Sigel

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Automatic Condensation of Electronic Publications by Sentence Selection
R. Brandow | K. Mitze | Lisa F. Rau

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Understanding Messages in a Diagnostic Domain
Fabio Ciravegna

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Generating Concise Natural Language Summaries
Kathleen R. McKeown | Jacques Robin | Karen Kukich

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Generating Summaries from Event Data
Mark T. Maybury

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Selective Information Presentation in an Integrated Publication System: An Application of Genre-Driven Text Generation
John A. Bateman | Elke Teich

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Abstracts in German Medical Journals: A Linguistic Analysis
Ines-A. Busch-Lauer

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Abstracting from the Perspective of Text Production
Annely Rothkegel