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1995 Volume 31 Issue 6

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The Hybrid Application of an Inductive Learning Method and a Neural Network for Intelligent Information Retrieval
Edwin M. Cortez | Sang C. Park | Seonghee Kim

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Massive Parallelism on the Hybrid Text-Retrieval Machine
Dik Lun Lee

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Query Evaluation: Strategies and Optimizations
Howard R. Turtle | James Flood

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Semiautomatic Disabbreviation of Technical Text
Neil C. Rowe | Kari Laitinen

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Contested Collaboration: A Descriptive Model of Intergroup Communication in Information System Design
Diane H. Sonnenwald

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Integrated MSS Effects: An Empirical Health Care Investigation
Guisseppi A. Forgionne | Rajiv Kohli

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Opinion Paper: Education Issues - Cutting the Gordian Knot
Blaise Cronin