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1995 Volume 46 Issue 1

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Efficient Decoding of Compressed Data
Mostafa A. Bassiouni | Amar Mukherjee

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Cognitive Resemblance and Citation Relations in Chemical Engineering Publications
H. P. F. Peters | Robert R. Braam | Anthony F. J. van Raan

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Searcher Response in a Hypertext-Based Bibliographic Information Retrieval System
Alexandra Dimitroff | Dietmar Wolfram

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Domain Analysis, Literary Warrant, and Consensus: The Case of Fiction Studies
Clare Beghtol

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Unused Relevant Information in Research and Development
Patrick Wilson

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Interactive Thesaurus Navigation: Intelligence Rules OK?
Susan Jones | Mike Gatford | Stephen E. Robertson | Micheline Hancock-Beaulieu | Judith Secker | Steve Walker

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Image Databases for Multimedia Projects
Peter G. B. Enser

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In-Depth Review: Indexing Books, by Nancy C. Mulvany
Bella Hass Weinberg

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Critical Approaches to Information Technology in Librarianship, Foundations and Applications, edited by John Buschman
Basil Stuart-Stubbs

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Measuring the Impact of Information on Development, edited by Michel J. Menou
Rohan Samarajiva

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Cases in Online Search Strategy, by Bruce A. Shuman
Susan McGlamery

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Introduction to Automation for Librarians (3rd ed.), by William Saffady
Brian C. O'Connor

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A Small Matter of Programming Perspectives on End User Computing, by Bonnie Nardie
Gary Marchionini