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1995 Volume 46 Issue 10

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Miranda Hsu-Yuang Pao
Bert R. Boyce

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Introduction and Overview
William R. Hersh | Lois F. Lunin

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Information Needs of Phisiciens
Paul N. Gorman

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The Medical Literature as a Resource for Health Care Practice
K. Ann McKibbon | Nancy L. Wilczynski | Robert S. Hayward | Cynthia J. Walker-Dilks | R. Brian Haynes

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Information Retrieval in Medicine: The SAPHIRE Experience
William R. Hersh | David H. Hickam

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Full-Text Databases in Medicine
MaryEllen C. Sievert | Emma Jean McKinin | E. Diane Johnson

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Automated Retrieval from Multiple Disparate Information Sources: The World Wide Web and the NLM's Sourcerer Project
R. P. Channing Rodgers

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An Infrastructure for the Development of Health Care Information Systems from Distributed Components
Stephan R. A. Deibel | Robert A. Greenes

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The Electronic Medical Record: Promises and Problems
William R. Hersh

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Vocabulary and Health Care Information Technology: Stat of the Art
James J. Cimino

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Consumer Health Informatics: Health Information Technology for Consumers
Holly Brügge Jimison | Paul Phillip Sher

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Essentials of Fuzzy Modeling and Control, by R. R. Yager and D. P. Filey
Hao Ying

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Knowledge-Based Systems for General Reference Work: Applications, Problems, and Progress, by John V. Richardson Jr
Patrick Wilson

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Collective Intelligence in Computer-Based Collaboration, by John B. Smith
William D. Nance

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Cyberspace and the Law: Your Rights and Duties in the Online World, by Edward A. Cavazos and Gavino Morin
Kenneth D. Crews

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Future Libraries: Dreans, Madness, and Reality, by Walt Crawford and Michael Gorman
Charles Henry