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1995 Volume 46 Issue 2

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Audrey N. Grosch, January 10, 1934 - July 16, 1994
Janet M. Arth | Roy Tally | Joan D. Jensen

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ACTS: An Automatic Chinese Text Segmentation System for Full Text Retrieval
Zimin Wu | Gwyneth Tseng

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Fractional Counts for Autorship Attribution: A Numerical Study
Quentin L. Burrell | Ronald Rousseau

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People, Words, and Perceptions: A Phenomenological Investigation of Textuality
Terrence A. Brooks

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Degree of Agreement in Naming Objects and Concepts for Information Retrieval
Lourdes Y. Collantes

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Measuring Retrieval Effectiveness Based on User Preference of Documents
Y. Y. Yao

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Effectiveness of Surname-Title-Words Searches by Scholars
Frederick G. Kilgour

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Guide to Indexing and Cataloging With the Art & Architecture Thesaurus, edited by Toni Petersen and Patricia J. Barnett
Bella Hass Weinberg