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1995 Volume 46 Issue 4

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Scholarly E-Conferences on the Academic Networks: How Library and Information Science Professionals Use Them
Diane K. Kovacs | Kara L. Robinson | Jeanne Dixon

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Representing Documents Using an Explicit Model of Their Similarities
Brian T. Bartell | Garrison W. Cottrell | Richard K. Belew

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Combining Automatic and Manual Index Representations in Probabilistic Retrieval
T. B. Rajashekar | W. Bruce Croft

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High School Students' Use of Databases: Results of a National Delphi Study
Delia Neuman

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Reexamining the Role of Conference Papers in Scholarly Communication
M. Carl Drott

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Biotechnology in Context: A Database-Filtering Approach to Identifying Core and Productive Non-Core Journals Supporting Multidisciplinary R. & D
Katherine W. McCain