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Proceedings of the Workshop on Databases - Active and Real-Time, DART 1996, Rockville, Maryland, USA

Nandit Soparkar (Editor)

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Proceedings of the Workshop on Databases - Active and Real-Time, DART 1996, Rockville, Maryland, USA

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Adaptive real-time transactions and risk-based load control
Erdogan Dogdu | Gultekin Özsoyoglu

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Incorporation of multimedia capabilities in distributed real-time applications
Oscar González | Subhabrata Sen | Krithi Ramamritham | John A. Stankovic

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RODAIN: a real-time object-oriented database system for telecommunications
Juha Taina | Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen

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The monitoring of complex active rules with vector representation
Dong Wook Kim | Myoung-Ho Kim | Yoon-Joon Lee

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Research issues in real-time DBMS in the context of electronic commerce
Prabhudev Konana | Alok Gupta | Andrew B. Whinston

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Escalations in workflow management systems
Euthimios Panagos | Michael Rabinovich

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Using Petri nets for rule termination analysis
Detlef Zimmer | Axel Meckenstock | Rainer Unland

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Sensor data management in manufacturing systems
Hiren Parikh | Kang G. Shin | Nandit Soparkar

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Porting an expert database application to an active database: an experience report
Lance Obermeyer | Lane Warshaw | Daniel P. Miranker

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A model based reasoning approach to network monitoring
Anoop Singhal | Gary M. Weiss | Johannes P. Ros

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Timely and fault-tolerant data access from broadcast disks: a pinwheel-based approach
Sanjoy K. Baruah | Azer Bestavros

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Why commercial database systems are not real-time systems
Anant Jhingran

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Impact of timing constraints on real-time database recovery
Jing Huang | Le Gruenwald

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Behavioral situations and active database systems
Agnès Front | Claudia Roncancio | Jean-Pierre Giraudin

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Process systems and data bases
Alfs T. Berztiss

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An architecture and two new research problems in ARCS databases
Anindya Datta | Sharma Chakravarthy | Shiby Thomas | Igor R. Viguier

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Active real-time database management for command & control applications
Bhavani Thuraisingham | Eric Hughes | Peter C. Krupp | Gary Gengo | Alice Schafer | Michael Squadrito

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Production information management for batch manufacturing plants based on ECA mechanism and view generation
Hideyuki Takada | Hiromitsu Shimakawa | Yoshitomo Asano | Morikazu Takegaki

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Project synopsis: evaluating STRIP
Brad Adelberg | Hector Garcia-Molina