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1996 Volume 32 Issue 2

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Automatic Text Decomposition and Structuring
Gerard Salton | James Allan | Amit Singhal

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A System for the Automatic Retrieval of Information from a Specialist Database
K. J. Aldous

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An Extended Vector-Processing Scheme for Searching Information in Hypertext Systems
Jacques Savoy

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Expert System Quality Control
Bel G. Raggad

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Learning Syntactic Rules and Tags with Genetic Algorithms for Information Retrieval and Filtering: An Empirical Basis for Grammatical Rules
Robert M. Losee

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The Effect of Anaphor and Ellipsis Resolution on Proximity Searching in a Text Database
Ari Pirkola | Kalervo Järvelin

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Discourse Analysis: Method and Application in the Study of Information
John M. Budd | Douglas Raber

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Optimal Weight Assignment for a Chinese Signature File
L. Tyne | L. Suh-Yin | Y. Wei-Pang

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Role-Limiting Methods for Automated Knowledge Acquisition: A Problem-Solving Perspective
Zhengxin Chen

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Productivity Growth: The Take-Off Point
Michael E. D. Koenig | T. D. Wilson